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Giving Back to the Community Matters

by | Nov 1, 2023 | Firm News |

At the Law Offices of Sean Cole, our philosophy of giving our best extends beyond our clients and our employees to our community at large. We want the communities we live in to be safe, secure, and places where you feel good about living your life, raising your family, and spending time with friends.

One reason Sean represents injured people is to stand up for people who can’t always stand up for themselves. In that same spirit, our firm goes the extra mile to support the underprivileged in our communities. One major way we do this is through sponsoring the Wake County Bar Awards. The Bar Awards is actually a comedy show put on every year by the Wake County Bar Association featuring lawyers who are also musicians, singers, comedians, and actors donating their time to put on this comedy show highlighting events in the local legal community. The show donates all its proceeds to Legal Aid of North Carolina.

Since it’s first performance over 12 years ago, the Bar Awards has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for Legal Aid, and this year will pass the one million dollar mark for Legal Aid! This money goes directly into our community by providing support for lawyers helping people who otherwise can’t afford an attorney to work on domestic issues, landlord-tenant problems, contact issues, and a whole range of other topics. Plaintiff’s attorneys like Sean work on a contingency basis, so our clients only pay AFTER the recovery is made, and we’re actually paid from the recovery. For people who have criminal charges against them but can’t afford a lawyer, the court system will appoint defense attorneys that are paid for through the state budget. But people face a lot of problems in other areas where it’s not practical for those types of payment to be used, and where the lawyers can’t work for free.  Legal Aid steps in to fill that gap. To learn more about Legal Aid and it’s mission, including how you can help, click here:

Sean writes a lot of the material for the shows, and has acted and sung in many of them as well. Our firm also provides financial sponsorship along with some of the largest firms in North Carolina. If you’ve been our client, or will be in the future, know that part of the fee we get from your case is donated to Legal Aid to help people all across the state. Because giving back matters.